Professional Heating Pump Servicing in Jacksonville, NC, and Surrounding Cities

Heat pumps are one of the main cogs working in HVAC systems to provide heating and cooling services.

In states such as North Carolina, they are especially effective in the comparatively mild winters. Rochelle Heating and Air specializes in HVAC repairs, guaranteeing that all of our clients in Jacksonville, NC, and the surrounding areas are satisfied with their heating pumps. Call one of our certified technicians today at (910) 934-3222 with any questions regarding your heat pump!

Heat Pump Maintenance

Routine maintenance prolongs the life and the quality of your heat pump. Rochelle Heating and Air recommends calling (910) 934-3222 to speak to one of our certified professionals at the beginning of each hot and cold season. We will gladly assist you in ensuring that your system lasts as long as it’s supposed to. Taking care of routine maintenance not only saves you the cost of replacing an entire system but also improves functionality, efficiency and helps prevent major repairs.

Silver HVAC Heat Pump connected to brown home

Signs of a Faulty Heat Pump

Taking action is the biggest step in keeping your heat pump working efficiently when you need it most. If any of the following issues are arising with your pump at home, we recommend reaching out to an HVAC professional as soon as possible:

  • Poor heating/cooling: If you notice that your system is either not reaching the desired temperature or is uneven throughout your house, this could be a sign that your heat pump is not working correctly.
  • Strange noises: Often coming from a motor, belt, or compressor, a loud or unexpected noise can be a sign of a part not functioning correctly.
  • Heat pump not blowing: This could be a sign of a major mechanical malfunction or extreme blockage. Both are serious issues and require expert assistance immediately.
  • Cold weather issues: Nearly all up-to-date heating pumps have what is called an “auxiliary heat mode” to compensate for extreme temperatures. If your system is failing in cold weather, it is usually due to a failure of this system.

Around-the-Clock Pump Repair

Rochelle Heating and Air is here for you at a moment’s notice to repair your heat pump. If you check your thermostat and it is not at the comfortable temperature you were expecting, call one of our trained professionals at (910) 934-3222 to schedule a consultation or repair. We proudly serve Jacksonville, NC, and the surrounding areas and are looking forward to taking care of all of your HVAC repair needs!

Top-Notch Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Jacksonville, NC

If you’re thinking of DIY home improvement, leave it to the experts. DIY projects are more expensive in the long run because you can further damage your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit. A certified HVAC contractor can handle your problem hassle-free. We service Jacksonville, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for AC or furnace repair, give the friendly Rochelle Heating and Air team a call today at 910-934-3222!

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